Alternative uses of rice

Alternative uses of rice

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Alternative uses of rice: let's see how to exploit this precious food in many domestic situations and in body care.

The pantry contains natural ingredients that prove to be precious allies of man. Rice, in particular, is an inexpensive and readily available food that could work wonders in many contexts.

In addition to being highly appreciated and versatile in the kitchen for the preparation of numerous dishes, rice is also a useful natural remedy in many domestic situations. Just think that this precious food can be useful in the preparation of do-it-yourself products, as a natural remedy for solving various problems, thanks also to its ability to absorb and slowly release odors and heat.

Here are some atypical and original uses of rice, starting from cleaning objects, to body care. Small tips to reuse rice in an alternative way. Take note!

In the salt cellar against humidity

Have you ever found crystallized salt? You can add a few spoons to the salt shaker so as to prevent the salt from spoiling and compacting.

DIY cooler bag

Rice is an excellent conductor of heat. Why not make a hot water bottle? Just retrieve some old socks or a fabric bag, fill with rice and close with tape. Once this is done, heat your DIY cooler on the radiator for a few minutes.

To smooth the face

Those who love DIY can make a natural soap; just add a handful of rice to the dough. You will get some blocks to use as a cleanser to have a smoothing action on the skin.

You can also use the cooking water to cleanse your face. Just wash your face with this water to benefit from its beneficial action on the skin.

To make a natural glue

You can use Basmati rice to create an excellent DIY glue: just pour a glass of rice into boiling water and let it boil for about 40 minutes until the grains have flaked apart. At this point, blend to remove all traces of grain and store the mixture in an airtight container in the fridge

To ripen the fruit

rice is an effective remedy for ripening insufficiently ripe fruit. Just put the fruit in a container along with rice to facilitate its ripening.

As an abrasive sponge

To eliminate the classic incrustations in the kitchen you do not necessarily have to resort to the abrasive sponge. Just rub some rice on the area to be cleaned. First make sure that the object to be cleaned is not subject to scratches.

To eliminate bad smells

Both plastic and glass food containers can give off a bad smell. To overcome this problem we can use rice. After washing the containers carefully, fill them with rice and leave them for about two days. The bad smell will disappear as if by magic!

To make the perfect frying

Rice can be an effective way to check if the oil is ready for your frying. Just throw a grain in the hot oil and check the reaction. If the rice comes back to the surface and begins to brown, it means that the oil has reached the right temperature for perfect frying.

To make toys

Rice also lends itself very well to creative recycling. For example, we can make nice maracas to entertain children. Just put a handful of rice inside small resealable containers.

Never throw the water in which you cook the rice

Rice water is rich in vitamins and minerals useful for the health and beauty of our skin. In fact, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, but not only. Rice water can be used to cleanse the face.

We can also drink it as a remedy to treat certain intestinal disorders, such as diarrhea, or to get a boost of energy in the morning. It can be the main ingredient in the preparation of various treatments!

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