Compulsive shopping: how to heal

Compulsive shopping: how to heal

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Compulsive shopping, when it is compulsive in the true sense of the word, it can be considered a real problem that is impossible not to face if you want to live with modest serenity day by day. We joke between friends at times, talking about compulsive shopping if you buy an extra shirt than usual or a pair of shoes that are not really useful, but there are situations in which buying is a necessity.

The shop windows call us e we have to buy, it is impossible to refrain from taking out a credit card or cash and leaving the shop with our bag. Often an object that we do not need but which we seem to be unable to do without.

Let's see where it comes from compulsive shopping and how to deal with it in everyday life, distinguishing the "metaphorical" way of saying with the real problem that it can affect our quality of life. And send us red. When the problem is serious, it has serious consequences from a social, economic, work and relational point of view.

Compulsive shopping: symptoms

We talk about compulsive shopping when the desire to buy is unstoppable. Those who suffer from it no longer have the possibility to decide for themselves, they are magically driven by the desire to own something they see for sale.

The impulse to buy concerns items that you don't have really need it or that accumulates as if they were an obsession. For example 50 pairs of shoes, 13 coats, 45 pairs of gloves: will they be needed? This question is not asked by those who are in the throes of a compulsive shopping attack because inside they feel a sort of anxiety, or tension, which does not make them think.

Once you have made the purchase, you pass from anxiety to euphoria: satisfaction, gratified, happy, we set out on our way with a smile until frustration and guilt arise, as soon as we realize that we have acted on impulse. Why sick of compulsive shopping.

Compulsive shopping: test

There is no officially recognized test to determine if we have compulsive shopping syndrome or not because it is a disorder that exists there American Psychiatric Association (APA) does not include in its list of issues to be treated. To date, at least.

We talk about "shopaholism " more and more often, however, and usually this problem affects the group of young people who have just achieved economic independence. Of course, not all indiscriminately: those who risk being a compulsive shopping subject are those who feel the desire to fill an emotional void, those suffering from anxiety or mood disorders, eating disorders and addiction to drugs.

Sad or bored people, pessimistic and discouraged, they can find some relief, only momentarily, in compulsive shopping, starting to plan purchases. The risk also exists when dealing with people anxious or depressed who seek certainties and compensations by possessing something they think they want, deluding themselves.

Compulsive shopping: how to heal

There is no medicine or one specific therapy to treat compulsive shopping, a lot depends on the underlying causes of this disorder. The reasons that lead us to want to buy useless things can be related to anxiety, depression, dissatisfaction or lack of affection.

The first step to get out of this obsessive and very expensive tunnel is to consult a psychologist to evaluate the seriousness of the problem and hypothesize its origins. In the meantime, the best advice is to dab the damage while healing in the deep discomfort at the base, is to be in company and keep busy in alternative and never solitary activities. And to avoid walking in malls or shopping districts to avoid unnecessary temptations.

Compulsive online shopping

L'ecommerce, useful and advantageous in 99% of cases, for those who suffer from compulsive shopping it is a real curse. As we avoid shopping centers and crowded shopping streets, we stay away from online shopping sites. Indeed it is necessary to use greater prudence because it is more difficult to realize that you are about to make a useless purchase when "just a click is enough". This it is not an accusation of ecommerce but an “alarm” that those who know they have a tendency to compulsive shopping must listen to.

They do not have to close all the pastry shops for the obesity problem in the world to disappear, in the same way online shopping must continue to exist, who has a problem like compulsive shopping must know how to defend and heal. For example, keeping away from smartphones and tablets if not in case of need, perhaps devoting himself to reading a good book.

Compulsive shopping: books

Italian and foreign literature and non-fiction offer many opportunities to distract yourself from compulsive shopping but if you want to deepen the topic, there are also dedicated titles as "Compulsive Shopping" written by Elena Barozzi, Vincenzo Marino and Carlo Arrigone. A agile reading with various concrete ideas to regain the freedom to do things with balance and true satisfaction.

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