Ideal humidity in the house

Ideal humidity in the house

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Ideal humidity in the house, not just outside, because we often check the weather almost obsessively, only to forget that the "enemy" is at home. We can speak of an enemy if we do not have theIdeal humidity in the house, so it is important to measure it first, and then to know which one is ideal. For us, for the room where we are.

"It's not very cold, but it's damp" we often find ourselves saying, and that "but" underlines how humidity greatly affects our well-being and also about how we perceive temperature. When we measure theIdeal humidity in the house, we must take into account that this value, on the outside, varies from area to area.

In Italy it usually varies between 30% and 100%, and we don't have much choice and no knob to adjust it. In reverse, within the home we have every right to adjust certain parameters in order to create the best possible atmosphere. We gain in mood, but first of all in health.

We hear more often about the ideal temperature than about Ideal humidity in the house, but they are very closely linked and the real temperature we are talking about is the actual one, very conditioned by other factors, above all, how "wet" the air is.

Humidity in the house: how to measure it

Fortunately, at home we are in control, at least on humidity, and we can therefore install devices capable of measuring and regulating such parameters to make our body feel good.

Before adjusting, let's start becoming aware with the ThermoPro TP50 thermometer and hygrometer, digital, which goes well with humidifier and dehumidifier. By detecting the temperature and humidity in the house, we can "set" the domestic air for the benefit of the skin but also by inhibiting it the growth of mold, bacteria, viruses, fungi, mites and other agents which can induce asthma. It costs less than 10 euros and is intuitive to use.

To read it correctly it is good to know that there is not one unique humidity. In general it is the percentage of water vapor present in the atmosphere, but there is that absolute (water vapor contained in one cubic meter of water, expressed in grams), that specific (relationship between the water vapor and the mass of air that is humid) and that relative. The latter is expressed as a percentage and represents the ratio between the water vapor contained in the air and the maximum amount that that same mass of air could contain, under the same pressure and temperature conditions.

Ideal humidity at home: remedies to eliminate it

For eliminate water vapor and obtain ideal humidity conditions at home, we can equip ourselves with suitable devices to keep the parameters under control at home. Often, in addition to creating conditions of well-being, they are also able to make us save money, avoiding waste of thermal and electrical energy.

We can choose what best suits our needs. THE air conditioners regulate the temperature, dehumidifiers are more suitable for us because they act on the humidity rate but there are also real mini weather stations that detect the actual humidity and temperatures in the various rooms of the house. In the various environments because we are not talking about just one ideal humidity in the house, but many.

In the kitchen, for example, you should maintain a humidity of 80% and temperatures around 18 and 19 degrees, even less than 80% humidity in the living room is fine with minus 19 degrees but must be lowered if the temperature is over 20 degrees. These are not mandatory rules: the ideal humidity in the house also depends on who lives there, in the house: in the presence of the elderly or children, everything must be re-calibrated. For a newborn, the ideal is 22 degrees, with a relative humidity between 40 and 60%.

Humidity in the house and health

It is time to delve into why it is so important to keep one Ideal humidity in the house. If the rate exceeds 80%, our body can perceive a temperature of sultry heat or humid cold, both unpleasant sensations. Self humidity turns out to be less than 20%, you can feel dry mouth and respiratory tract, risk of inflammation, discomfort to breathe and to produce saliva. All that remains is to keep the humidity between 40 and 65%, depending on the temperature.

Humidity in the house: plants absorb moisture

Among the natural dehumidifiers we also find some plants, of species that deserve to be mentioned as they are also excellent from a furnishing point of view.

If all plants emit water vapor, the quantities are not always the same, the right ones must be chosen in the right environment, knowing the degree of transpiration. If to reach the Ideal humidity in the house we have to raise it, we furnish with areca palmata, bamboo palm, Boston fernon the contrary if we have to bring down the humidity rate, better to focus on plants that absorb moisture such as tillandsia cyanea, begonia, epiphyllum, kalanchoe, sanseveria.

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