In the dangerous: how to recognize them

In the dangerous: how to recognize them

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In the dangerous, potentially some are more so than others but it is always better to show them to a doctor once and, if considered "suspicious", undergo continuous checks to not lose sight of them and live peacefully. Below is some indicative information that should not and cannot replace a visit to a specialist, which is a must.

In the dangerous: greatness

The larger the moles, the more likely they are dangerous, there are congenital ones, for example, which can reach large dimensions, over 20 millimeters, and are usually those that increase the occupied area. If they are dark, already from 5 millimeters in diameter they should be checked immediately and frequently, the same applies to those found in parts of the body often subject to rubbing or affected by sunlight 6 months out of 12 at least.

Prevention for i In the dangerous, it means fighting skin cancers in the most effective way possible today, trying to make it less likely to have melanomas. In addition to the moles, also nine spots that appear without a specific reason on our skin must be checked.

In the dangerous: how to recognize them

In addition to the size of the Dangerous Nei, there are other elements that can be a bad clue. For example the color: if it is not homogeneous within the mole itself, it is better to deepen its nature. The edge is also a feature to observe: we check that it is not jagged. The rate of growth is significant and, like the size, the higher it is, the more suspicious it is.

In dangerous form

The classics we all think about are round round, like a point made with the marker from a spiteful child, but in truth it is enough to look carefully at a person with rather large moles to notice that the Giotto circle is impossible to meet. More the shapes are asymmetrical, the more they have to put us on guard than dangerous moles.

The irregular shape, as well as the other aspects of the In the dangerous indicated, it must lead us to carry out a check-up by contacting a dermatologist. We do not take the appearance of a new spot lightly as if it were a "smear", or a freckle, better to make sure that it is nothing serious right away instead of bringing a doubt into our minds.

In the dangerous in relief

So far I have not mentioned them but also the moles in relief are among the potentially dangerous Nei. Once we contact the specialist doctor, he will most likely subject us to a specific examination that evaluates the situation using the dermatoscope, optical instrument that allows to study in depth the details of In the dangerous impossible to perceive by eye. With the dermatoscope, everything is clearer and i In the dangerous jump to the eye.

Not all In which they seem “bad”Turn out to be such, many people have them checked for a lifetime without ever encountering any problems. Only in some cases yes reveal skin cancers, there are also various types, they are classified according to the cells from which they originate.

Melanomas, perhaps the best known, are one of the types, then there are also i basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomasthe. THE basal cell, as imaginable, they are linked to the basal cells, located in the deepest layer of the epidermis, while the squamous cell they originate from more superficial cells, those of the spinous layer.

THE known melanomas they can appear like this, where there was nothing before, or overlapping moles that we already had on the skin and to which we had not given great importance for their harmless air. They are the most dangerous, these skin cancers, because they can invade i surrounding tissues and reach with metastases, different organs or tissues. THE carcinomasby comparison, they are easier to care for, as well as more common.

In the dangerous in children

Since childhood i In dangerous ones they must be kept under control without telling us and without putting off. As with all prevention practices, the sooner you think about it, the better you act and the results are positive. Especially if a child has many moles, or the very fair skin, red hair and freckles, or in the family to some explicit case of melanoma, should be checked immediately and often.

Six In the dangerous are very suspicious, you can also resort to a surgical removal that eliminates them promptly.

However, it is also important to rely on early diagnosis, selecting those at risk, and not to overdo it by sunbathing, getting used to a moderate measure since childhood. Beyond moles, knowing your skin is more important than you think. You only notice it when it is full of pimples, or dry, or tanned, to show off, but even when it appears insignificant and pink, it can give us important messages concerning both physical and mental health. Here is the book to deepen with irony and sympathy: "Happy skin

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