How to raise a hedgehog

How to raise a hedgehog

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How to raise a hedgehog: first of all with love and with the awareness that it will not be identical to keeping a dog or a cat. It won't wag its tail next to us and it won't purr, but it will be an important presence in our garden. It is appreciated, because it is an ecological and useful animal, against harmful insects. In case of abandoned animal, it is good to know How to raise a hedgehog, at least for a few weeks, without being frightened by its primary and well-known form of defense: the "roll up" in front of any predators. Moreover, in winter, it is not seen around: it hibernates in autumn, with a good reserve of fat.

How to raise a hedgehog in the garden

If we find a hedgehog in our garden, it is most likely lost. It will therefore be better to try to explore the area where we met him to understand and verify that it has been cleaned with a lawn mower or something similar that has unintentionally destroyed his nest. Without reference points, it is necessary to take care of it and here it comes in handy to know How to raise a hedgehog.

It feeds on earthworms, snails, various insects and can also find them in abundance in our garden without damaging plants and flowers, on the contrary, it could even protect them by hunting harmful animals. We therefore evaluate the possibility of hosting this thorny animal. If we want to try, let's provide it a container with fresh water and we verify that there are shrubs at his disposal so that he can build a den even with leaves and stones.

How to raise a baby hedgehog

Especially the smaller ones are often in difficulty due to traffic. It is not uncommon to meet someone on the street, even dead, but if they are still alive, let's help them and learn how to raise a hedgehog. It's a basically nocturnal animal and that it crosses without looking, we keep our eyes open if we know that we are traveling along a road that runs alongside an area that could be close to its natural habitat.

At this point, found a crashed hedgehog, we evaluate the physical damage possibly right away, hoping he's just bewildered. If he is really injured, he should be taken to the nearest veterinary center for initial treatment and also for a "cleaning" that eliminates any parasites.

Although it can be exciting to understand how to raise a hedgehog, let's not get caught up in selfishness: if it is female, above all, let's try to bring it back to where we found it. It is also a protected animal and if it is a young man who has moved away from the nest, he will be able to find it alone.

How to breed a hedgehog in captivity

The hedgehog is not a cage animal, we can therefore keep one in the garden if the size is suitable and the climate is not too harsh, but let's not insist on wanting pets at all strange costs when there are many dogs and as many cats that need a home.

The lovers of the hedgehog and its thorns, they can always console themselves with a cute and soft plush made of the highest quality materials and child friendly, 10 euros on Amazon, also great for gifts.

How to breed a European hedgehog

In our country it will happen more than anything else to meet to raise a European hedgehog. If we find a mother with a litter, however, instead of thinking about How to raise a hedgehog, we avoid touching them as it could be harmful. That is unless they are life threatening, of course. In any case, let us address a veterinary center to operate in the most appropriate way.

How to breed an African hedgehog

Africans are too pets, if desired they can also be kept at home but first the compatibility between their needs and our apartment must be checked. In nature they eat insects, we can feed them with moths, crickets and honey worms by buying them in pet shops or online.

They might be fine too treats for cats or small dogs. The African hedgehog must be considered an exotic animal, so it cannot run in the garden or in the corridor, it must be kept in a terrarium or in a tub and in winter it has need warmth: must never be in an environment with less than 20 degrees.

Let us remember that they love to walk for miles and miles so let's always leave them free to roam, especially in the evening, which is their favorite time.

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