Parquet in the bathroom

Parquet in the bathroom

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The parquet in the bathroom and in the kitchen it may be an unspoken dream of many, however it is possible to fulfill it by choosing the right essences and precautions. Here is all the useful information for decorating the bathroom by combining parquet and tiles.

Parquet in the bathroom: the best woods, factors to consider and combinations with tiles.

Who intends to pave the bathroom with parquetit should avoid the so-called “soft essences”, that is to say those woods that tend to absorb a lot of moisture.

Between parquetthatNOTthey can be used in humid environments such as the bathroom, we highlight beech, maple, larch and birch.

Which parquet is suitable for bathroom furnishings

For the parquet in the bathroom, instead, it is better to focus on more classic woods such as oak, an excellent merbau or other woods that are very resistant to moisture such as iroko, doussiè, wenge or even the new bamboo (both light and dark).

When it comes to floating parquet,in general, we recommend do-it-yourself installation. We cannot give the same advice for theparquet in the bathroom where the installation must be carried out by expert installers who will be able to wisely implement specific precautions for humid environments.

The parquet strips tend to deform or lose hardness with humidity. Keep in mind that in rooms like the bathroom, the humidity can easily reach 70%. To ensure the maximum duration of the parquet, in the bathroom, there should be temperatures between 20 and 22 ° C with a humidity level not exceeding 70%.

Parquet in the bathroom: bamboo

As an alternative to the classic wooden parquet you could choose the bamboo parquet. Among its advantages, we see that bamboo parquet, compared to the traditional one, is not very subject to swelling and shrinkage. This is because it is less sensitive to humidity. It has an extremely hard, solid and highly resistant surface. The bamboo parquet to be installed in the bathroom should be of the strad woven type, ie pressed. Its hardness and its resistance to humidity make the bamboo floor very easy to clean. Compared to traditional parquet, a bamboo floor needs less maintenance.

Parquet in the bathroom: Doussié

Doussié wood has the advantage of being very hard, having good resistance to moisture and not being expensive! Unlike other types of wood, Doussié wood can be bought with an excellent value for money.

The Doussiè wood is called Afzella spp in botany and belongs to the Fabaceae family, the same family as the Acacia.

Doussié wood is so resistant that it is used not only to furnish the bathroom, but also for the flooring of gyms, sports facilities, shops, racetracks and other installations even exposed to the elements. On the market, in fact, it is possible to find strips of doussié wood with medium or high hardness. It can be used for bathroom flooring because it has excellent resistance to humidity and also to the thermal excursions typical of this environment.

Parquet and tiles

If parquet in the kitchen can be more easily combined with porcelain stoneware tiles (for more information, read the article dedicated to parquet in the kitchen), the matter is more complex forparquet in the bathroom. The combination of parquet and tiles is always possible and pleasant but is only recommended for large bathrooms. It is not suitable for small bathrooms.

It is a good idea to take care of the floors and protect them from humidity in order to ensure a good durability of the parquet in the bathroom. This means that we need to minimize the amount of humidity in the bathroom, in what way? With small daily precautions: remember to always open the windows to ventilate the rooms after using showers or bathtubs, so you will let out the humidity deposited inside the room so as to prevent it from settling and over time, alter the floors.

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