Pellet stove for several rooms

Pellet stove for several rooms

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Pellet stove for several rooms:which stove to choose for heating several rooms or to heat the whole house. Here are the factors to consider before installing one ducted pellet stove.

Pellet appliances can meet different needs based on the type chosen. To facilitate the user's choice, we summarize the types of pellet stoves available on the market based on the basic functions offered.

  • Pellet stove
    A pellet stove allows you to heat only one room and cook in the oven or on the hob using the heat produced by combustion.
  • Thermo pellet stove
    Pellet thermo-stoves, more generally called "pellet stoves with kitchen", are appliances that allow you to heat several rooms, power an oven and a hob with the heat produced by the combustion of the pellets.
  • Pellet stove with closed hearth
    This type of system will be able to heat only one room.
  • Pellet stove with canalized hearth
    The ducted pellet stoves allow you to heat two or more rooms.
  • Pellet thermo stove
    Pellet thermo-stoves not only allow you to heat two or more rooms but also allow the production of domestic hot water by exploiting the heat produced by the combustion of the pellets.

The pellet stove, depending on the device chosen, can diffuse heat by natural convection, by means of a forced ventilation system or by radiation.

Pellet stove to heat a single room

To heat a single room, it is possible to use pellet stoves with both open and closed air fires. When the room to be heated is large, it is better to prefer forced convection appliances because it is possible to spread the heat more evenly. In many forced convection models, the fan can be excluded in order to have a more silent pellet stove.

Pellet stove to heat several rooms or the whole house

Thepellet stovesthey can be used to heat multiple rooms or even the entire house! At the same time as the purchase of the pellet stove, it will be necessary to have aducting kit. Thanks to careful channeling, the hot air produced by the stove can be transported to any room.

With the right appliance, it will be possible to heat the rooms also on the upper floor (with the stove installed on the ground floor), and even rooms not adjacent to the installation one.

The recently introduced pellet stoves allow you to transport hot air throughout the house, up to about 16 meters away from the installation room.

Thanks tochanneling, the pellet stove becomes a valid alternative to radiators forheat housessmall or medium-sized.

In particular, thepellet stovesthey can be used to heat several rooms or the house using the same mechanism as a boiler. Pellet thermosphutes, in fact, are not "air" but "water", which means that they transport heat like a methane boiler: they heat the water which, flowing through the radiators, heats the house. For more information: pellet stove, radiators and hot water.

Excess hot water produced by thermo stoves can be stored in a special tank (puffer) and kept at a temperature to be supplied, already hot, when needed. The puffer is a very convenient element for those who are planning to heat the entire house with apellet thermo stove, the only drawback is the bulk. A puffer, in fact, looks like a large steel cylinder, is covered with insulating material and to make the price, in addition to the size, is also the type of material used.

The material determines the degree of insulation of the tank, better materials determine a greater maintenance of the water temperature. Not just puffer; those who plan to heat their home with a pellet thermo stove could also consider installing a photovoltaic solar panel. For all the information on these low energy consumption integrations, please refer to the pages:

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