Peat or soil, differences and uses

Peat or soil, differences and uses

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Peat or loam: differences and uses. Comparison with compost, manure and other natural fertilizers to make the soil more fertile and the vegetation more luxuriant.


Therepeatand theleonarditethey are related materials that have become very popular in recent times. In particular, thepeatis a material extracted from deposits, it has accumulated over the years in soils saturated with water and in the absence of oxygen, it represents the initial state of coal formation and is characterized by a low pH: thepeat is acidic.

Peat is low in nitrogen and high in organic matter due to its fermentation in the absence of oxygen and in the presence of water. It is used to lower the pH of the soil making it suitable forcultivation of acidophilic plants.

It is widely used for the cultivation of young plants because it promotes their germination and rapid development.

Rather than wondering whether to usepeat or loamuniversal, these two substances go hand in hand: thepeat, mixed with excavated soil or universal soil, it is used to plant acidophilic plants such as rhododendrons, hydrangeas, azaleas and kalmias.


There are many types of soil for plants. From the municipalityexcavated soilthat we can obtain in the garden, from the soft soil for the germination of seeds…. but when it comes tosoil as a fertilizer, reference is made tofertile soilobtained from the process ofdecomposition of organic matter. Fertile loam is also calledcompost.

Compost is rich in organic matter but, contrary topeatwhich is out of stock, thefertile soilit is rich in nitrogen. Thefertile soilit can be considered a slow release fertilizer because it releases the nutrients very slowly (slower than manure) and incorporating them into the soil also improves its structure.

Thetopsoilto be used for garden plants (even better for ornamental ones) must be of vegetable origin. On the market there are soils obtained from the degradation processes of urban waste, these soils may contain substances that are harmful to human health and the environment (including plants). For all the features of thetopsoilfertile,we invite you to visit the page entitled: “compost or manure“.

It is clear that it makes no sense to ask whether to use theloam or peatbecause they are two substrates with very different characteristics.

The fertile soil it is not suitable for the cultivation of acidophilic plants if not properly corrected with the peat or other acidic substrates.


Thereleonardite it is a very new material in the field of plant cultivation. It has mostly spread over the past couple of years but we will hear more and more about it. Thereleonarditeit has the power to improve the effect of distributed fertilizers.

Thereleonardite, as well as thepeat, is extracted from deposits: laleonarditeforms the surface layer of lignite deposits. It has a high content of organic substance which represents about 60% by weight and has a very high degree of humified substance, higher than 20%.

Cornunghia and ox blood

There cornunghiait is a fertilizer of animal origin as old as manure. The cornunghia is obtained from the nails, horns and hooves of animals through roasting (a heat treatment that increases the availability of nitrogen by up to 13%). The cornunghia is used for basic fertilization for the planting of trees and bushes.

Not only manure as fertilizer, another source of nitrogen is ox blood: available in the form of a powder to be bury. It is used in the garden and is considered aquick release organic fertilizer precisely due to the good speed of nitrogen release. Ox blood is obtained from the drying of blood as a waste from slaughter but currently its use has been almost completely supplanted by that of chemical fertilizers.

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