Yellow lawn grass, what to do

Yellow lawn grass, what to do

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Yellow meadow grass: what to do if the garden grass turns yellow. Advice on how to take care of the lawn and solve the problem of yellowed turf.

That oflawn grass turning yellowit is a very common problem that can occur both in summer and in winter.

Yellow lawn grass, causes and solutions

The Cause they can be multiple and attributable to different diseases, however the majority of times that this problem occurs it is not about parasites but poor maintenance or damage related to temperatures. If you are not very familiar with lawn maintenance, I invite you to read the articleweeds in the lawn.

Yellow lawn grass in winter: what to do

Therecauseit may differ according to the season. When lawn grass turns yellow in winter, it is usually the fault of the cold: in very cold areas, in the presence of frost or ice, avoid stepping on the grass because the stems could break and ... yellow. Always to avoidyellowing of the lawn, remember to always keep it clean by removing leaves, twigs and debris of various kinds, the light must reach the grass in order to avoid the presence of rot and other factors that can block photosynthesis and causeyellowing of the grass.

In mountainous areas, after severe frosts, the turf may have raised in some places. Rolling is part of the care to dedicate to meadow in late winter, when the action of frost is now behind us. To avoid yellowing, towards the beginning of March, perform a rolling as described in our articleRolling the lawn.

Yellow lawn grass in summer: what to do

In summer, entire portions of lawn can turn yellow due to excessively dry and dry soil. Even if the soil is not dry but the temperatures are very high (more than the seasonal averages), phenomena of yellowing of the turf.

If the lawn has been yellow for a long time, make sure the area is not completely dried out! If the turf has dried out, you need to re-sow.

If the area where the grass is yellow is not completely dried out, you can recover it by performing frequent and abundant irrigations: avoid using the rain system because perhaps the problem that caused the yellowing is linked to a system error. of irrigation. Distribute the water with manual irrigation at constant pressure.

When the lawn is yellowed, cutting and fertilizing work must be suspended. Resume cutting and fertilizing when the grass has recovered its old vegetative vigor.

Puddles on the lawn

If thunderstorms (whether summer or winter) cause frequent stagnation of water on the lawn, it is possible to observe yellowing of the turf. Generally, if puddles often form on the lawn, it means that your soil is clayey (poorly draining) and cannot absorb the water it receives. In this circumstance it is recommended to correct the soil by adding simple (and cheap) river sand. The river sand should be distributed on the dry ground, avoid that heaps can be created and distribute it evenly with the help of a rake. Perform the movements in a gentle way so as not to damage the collars of the softer grass.

Yellow lawn grass: re-sowing it

When it is too late and the grass in the lawn is now completely dried up, it is necessary to resow. The best time for re-sowing falls in spring to buffer the damage of winter while re-sowing can be done in autumn to recover the dried turf in summer. With the re-sowing, those portions of lawn that have been ruined by the intense foot traffic of the summer season, by drought or by the harsh winter cold are restored. How to continue? Re-sowing the lawn allows you to obtain oneuniform growth and above all homogeneous of the turf. Before sowing, the portions of soil must be prepared by breaking the excessively compact surface layer. The dry parts of the old turf must be eliminated. The entire preliminary work can be done with a simple rake. After distributing the seeds, with the doses indicated on the package, you will have to bury the seeds with a layer of sand or fine earth, you will thenrolland irrigate.

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