ZEN-A: the Wellness Fair in Genoa

ZEN-A: the Wellness Fair in Genoa

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ZEN-A: the Wellness Fair in Genoa waits for us since 10 to 12 February 2017 at the Cotton Warehouses, in the Porto Antico area. Of Genoa, of course. Obviously why ZEN-A it sounds just like the dialect name of this city which, playing on coincidences, also promises us Zen and A. A like Harmony, Organic Food and Eco Clothing, Living and so on. An appointment to be made, always with attention to the "A", right now.

ZEN-A: the Wellness Fair is dedicated to those who want to learn to feel good in a natural way or to those who already do it but cultivate the ambition to do it better and better by updating with all the news in the field of natural products, eco-friendly services and holistic disciplines.

The goal is to rediscover the mind-body balance, the address is that of the port of Genoa, or ZEN-A: the Wellness Fair, if you prefer. Here you have to land in order to orient yourself more easily among the increasingly numerous realities that promise green wellness.

That of 2017 is the fifth edition, it is therefore one Wellness Fair which has 4 successful editions behind it. The numbers tell it all: each one saw the participation of more than 90 exhibitors, over 70 speakers who attended at least 150 conferences, exhibitions, courses, demonstrations and group practices and so on. Any formula is good if the result is “Zen” and green. And the A of ZEN-A: the Wellness Fair also stands for Leisure equipment, Environment, Ancient natural remedies, Architecture and eco-sustainable construction, Associations, Friendship, Natural flavors, Ayurveda, Breastfeeding and more. Indeed, "Again".

Letting yourself be led and intoxicated by the scents of spices, natural aromas, resins and flowers, you can walk among the proposals of ZEN-A looking for their own way to live in a sustainable way enjoying maximum well-being.

The Harmony salon is dedicated to natural personal care, in the food sector we will taste organic, gluten free, vegan, raw food and conventional D.o.c. products and I.g.p. Because body and mind need nourishment chosen with care to feel cared for and in harmony. The environment has its own sector full of leisure and animated products for all 3 days with eco-oriented business. Beside the environment, a special environment: the house for which it is interesting to learn about ecological solutions, those described in the part of ZEN-A: the Wellness Fair dedicated to Living.

In addition to nourishing the mind with inspirations and news, it will certainly be necessary to fill up with energy, here too the choice is wide and of quality. There is a vegan restaurant that will serve dishes and wraps, a Bio Bar with fruit and vegetable juices, fruit salads and even one Biogelateria that will surprise us. With cones and cups to compose by playing with refined flavors, such as Goji berries, Hemp seeds and licorice. For the sweet tooth the obligatory stop is the pastry with sweets too vegan and gluten free so that everyone can give in to the temptations of gluttony.

In addition to the participation of the main publishing houses in the sector, the participation of the local realities active in the sector of holistic disciplines, among the many the Higher School of Naturopathy and Flower Therapy, the A.S.Y.E. and the members of the Ligurian Coordination of Holistic Disciplines, Studio Kinesy Pro, La Casa Naturale - Feng shui Architecture and Furniture, Studio Zara 19 and Terme di Genova.

Treatments of free trial for visitors to ZEN-A: the Wellness Fair are the kind tribute of the teachers of the Enrico Fermi Institute in Perugia, a nationally qualified school for physiotherapists and masseurs. An experience not to be missed as well as the various events proposed over three days and in the three conference rooms as well as in the stage area.

The calendar already includes over 150 events in view of 2017, ranging from exhibitions and demonstrations, to group practices, or more style conferences and shows. About what? At ZEN-A just ask, there is everything: Feng Shui, Yoga, Shiatsu, Qi Gong, Music therapy, Pilates, Posturology, Massophysiotherapy, Kinesiology, Naturopathy, Coaching, Foot reflexology, palm and facial, Counseling, Flower therapy, Green building, environmental sustainability are just some of the topics that will be addressed during the three days of kermesse.

Welcome guest and who never fails, too Thamaak, the Italian Shaman who performs in the Ritual of Living Waters distributing sparkling energy among the visitors. One of the best souvenirs to take back from ZEN-A the Wellness Fair of Genoa.

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