Agri-food biodiversity

Agri-food biodiversity

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Agri-food biodiversity: information about theagricultural biodiversity lawand food. The regulatory framework and contributions for small farms.

Agri-food biodiversity, the legislation

The bill"Provisions for the protection and enhancement of thebiodiversityof agricultural and food interest "was definitively approved becoming Law no. 194 of 1 December 2015. The law onagricultural and food biodiversitywas published in the Official Gazette no. 288 of 11 December 2015.

The legislation aims toto preservethe genetic heritage from erosion or extinction to avoid the loss of plant varieties, animal breeds and microorganisms from the soil and fermentation. The purposes of the law onagricultural and food biodiversityhave been summarized on the pageBiodiversity Act. The legislation also provides for measures regarding the protection of the territory to preserve particular high-risk habitats. As specified in the page dedicated to the Biodiversity Law, the legislation provides for four instruments - articles:

  • Registry - Article 3
    Where the agri-food heritage at risk is described.
  • National network - Article 4
    Refers to places such as farms, institutes and agricultural sector operators defined iguardians of biodiversity (farmers, scientific staff…).
  • Web portal - Article 5
    The reference portal to the legislation where research, experiences and documents to share are published.
  • Standing Committee - Article 8
    Established atMinistry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, this committee has the task of guiding and monitoring all the operations implemented for the protection of the agri-food biodiversity.

Biodiversity and agriculture

The link betweenbiodiversity and agricultureit is undeniable so much that everysimplefarmer, by definition, is a keeper of the genetic variety. Once the link was established, an annual fund of 500,000 euros was made available to support farmers, breeders and scientific institutes.

Small farms represent thepivotal pointof theagricultural biodiversity(or agricultural biodiversity), this is because small farmers and farmers completely ignore the standardizations aimed at large-scale production. There are many small farmers who carry on ancient breeds, as well as small farmers still cultivate plant varieties handed down by great-grandparents.

Somesector journalisthe dared to say that it was laziness and mistrust of “novelty” that made small farmers the unaware guardians of biodiversity… but we know that more likely it was passion. We fromIdeeGreen.itwe often visit small farms, family-run businesses where passion is what drives the business while respecting traditions and preserving ancient customs.

Agri-food biodiversity day

On the subject ofbiodiversityof interestagriculturaland food was established aNational biodiversity dayto be held on May 20, 2016. Each year, the National Biodiversity Day falls in the second half of May and aims to raise awareness of the important cultural, gastronomic and tourist value ofagri-food biodiversity.

In various cities of Italy, the local food communities, together with farmers and artisan food processing companies, traders, research centers, solidarity buying groups, cultural centers, educational gardens ... .. will organize tastings of typical local cuisine. , food and wine itineraries, hospitality and walks in natural environments.

The national biodiversity day was created to revitalize the area and attract guests for the purchase of typical products and the tasting of ancient flavors now forgotten by many.

Not just popular festivals, World Biodiversity Day will be a time for cultural encounters and debates. We would like to point out the theme meeting "Protection of Biodiversity, personal well-being and development of the territories" which will be held at 3.30 pm at the Sal Conferenze of the Rectorate of the University of Salento.

Biodiversity, definition and meaning

Definition of biodiversity: "Biological differentiation between individuals of the same species, in relation to environmental conditions."

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