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Carpooling, Englishism which is better if it remains so, to indicate the good and virtuous practice of sharing journeys in private cars between a group of people, reducing the costs of transport, and more. We keep English, because carpooling in Italian it sounds like “group car”, and it tastes a lot about a noisy bus ride, group singing, and group nausea epidemic, too. Instead the carpooling it is an absolutely sustainable mode of transport that is good for our wallet, the environment, cities, traffic and even our social entourage, if we know how to take advantage of it at the right moment. Who knows.

Carpooling: meaning

The carpooling it is when one or more people make their own vehicle available, also wanting to take turns driving, and others ask for a ride until the seats are completed, covering part of the expenses incurred by the first. It is a widespread practice among colleagues, for example, or among university students: between people who tend to travel the same route in a similar time slot, so it is almost spontaneous to say "but let's take a single car, come on!". Sometimes alternating which one, others taking the most functional and agreeing on compensation in money or coffee offered at the bar under the office, or at the machine.

Today the carpooling it is very widespread and goes far beyond this rough agreement between acquaintances that I have described to you. There are real organizations, associations, sites and above all smartphone apps that allow the most incredible intersections and combinations to make the most of the potential of carpooling. And all for the benefit of smog, therefore, so be it.

The areas where the carpooling took hold earlier and today it is more widespread are the countries of northern Europe and the United States of America where it is also included in road signs, in Italy there is always the step of mistrust all made in Italy but the idea of ​​saving I must admit that it also attracts our fellow citizens a lot.

Among the first benefits attributed to carpooling in fact, there is economic savings in terms of per capita cost of fuel, oil, tires, tolls and parking costs. For those who also have a careful eye on the environment, there is the objective contribution of carpooling to the improvement of pollution, obviously linked to the lower number of vehicles in circulation. Less traffic, therefore, less need for the state and public administrations to spend on new infrastructures. Less land use, too: the carpooling it has obvious and important advantages on an environmental and economic level, but also on the personal side.

Sharing the passenger compartment space with others, unknown, at least initially, could not lead to an improvement of social relations? More than anything else or when he goes or breaks it, or you fight, or you become at least close acquaintances ... unless you ignore yourself, so much the desire to save, that you also travel with a hateful companion carpooling.

Of course, there are drawbacks to swallow, such as compromises on timetables and routes: a bit of flexibility on the part of everyone. Also in terms of privacy, especially for those who continue to work on the road by calling or using tablets and smartphones as temporary PCs, the carpooling has some drawbacks. With the proliferation of sites and apps, of groups and of mobility manager in the company, also in Italy in recent years there has been a significant increase and today it is increasingly easier for those looking for a ride, and for those offering it, to meet.

Carpooling in Italy

In Italy, as often happens, deferred, but the good practice has arrived and the carpooling is gaining ground: in the European comparison we are in third place, after Germany and France. The nature of our country, of a much more suspicious nature, always makes us be a bit late, the bravest regions have also confirmed themselves for carpooling Lombardy, Lazio and Piedmont, in addition to the metropolitan areas of Milan, Rome, Turin, Como, Verona, Vicenza and Pistoia. In the South and in Sardinia the carpooling it is a few steps back but has started, with excellent examples such as that of Salerno, one of the precursors in the south.

It was initially a very popular service for students, from Erasmus generation who also used it to return to Italy with other countrymen, perhaps from Berlin, Paris or Lausanne. Or by members of the army and law enforcement. Today it is no longer an exclusive of these categories, fortunately.

This "open mind", as well as the doors of our cars to let our traveling companion in, was favored by economic crisis, from the expensive gasoline and the scarce affordability of insurance. Tracing the identikit of the "carpooler ”Italian we find a male, even if the female share is increasing, aged between 24 and 35, a student, freelancer or employee.

Carpooling in Milan

Milan is one of the cities that was the first in Italy to "smell" the opportunity of carpooling and took its cue from the North by proposing it to its citizens. The services present are not at the municipal level, of course, but the very dense presence of people, companies and international realities makes Milan one of the most present cities as a destination or departure in platforms and carpooling app.

Highways Carpooling - I'll take only this one as an example - has been active in Milan for some time: it belongs to Autostrade per l'Italia and offers a carpooling for users of the Milan metropolitan area. It has well over 2000 users and offers around 1500 itineraries and to access them and become a true carpooler, just register for free on the Autostrade website.

Carpooling in Rome

Even Rome, also for tourism and for the many events it offers as a city, for fun as well as for work, exchange and cultural and business meetings, is at the center of a dense network of passages in carpooling. So also of many services and targeted groups.

There is one of them , a site created by the Province of Rome and Autostrade per l'Italia and dedicated to those looking for a "virtual meeting place" where they can offer or request a ride in the Province of Rome. Register and apply, with the utmost respect for privacy, and then you only have to organize your trip. Occasional or daily. This carpooling rome-centric online also dedicates a special section to Mobility Managers.

Highway Carpooling

Autostrade per l'Italia has long since launched onhighway A8-A9 a special service for those who the carpooling does not want to use it only from home to school or to reach the office with colleagues / neighbors. Cars with at least 4 passengers on board have a dedicated track at the Milano Nord toll booth and a discount on the toll, from Monday to Friday, on defined time slots. This is an initiative that only concerns cars belonging to toll classes A and B, taxis, medical cars, ambulances, buses, motorhomes and trucks cannot benefit from it.

There lane reserved for carpooling it is manned by an operator who checks the presence of the 4 passengers and the vehicle class and then enables the chain of “deserved” benefits.

Carpooling: sites

Among the most popular and famous sites among users of carpooling I will limit myself to mentioning a few, premising that there are many and very efficient ones, and just as many arise that should not be left aside at all, on the contrary. As mentioned, especially in Italy, the carpooling has been gaining ground in recent years so services are blooming, sites and apps at a good pace.

Among the best known in the Italian context is, in the world, however, it has great fame, and then I remember you and Tandemobility all very agile and well made, with similar functions. Just type "carpooling " and a hint of the journey that we want to share, as a passenger or even as a driver, to discover the many sites to consult, the important thing is to be clear about the golden rules of carpooling to seize the best opportunity.

There timeliness it is essential, whether you are offering or looking for a ride, and the more you say it in advance, the better it is, with the greatest possible precision even on the places of departure, meeting and arrival, and on any intermediate stages. Precise, therefore, for the carpooling, but also flexible, to meet hypothetical travel companions and find the best deal avoiding to remain on foot. When we propose or decide together, the journey is essential be clear, both at times and places but also for example on the presence of luggage or on any needs such as a "no smoking”Or a non-spoken language.

If it is not necessary, let's not start publishing personal data because use the carpooling it does not mean putting yourself on the line, and then - last tip - let's remember that a bit of play is included in the service. Game in a broad sense, fun in living an experience that makes us today get out of the box, as well as from our cities.

It is necessary to have an open approach to fully appreciate the carpooling: we do not think only of the fuel saved but also of the opportunities, encounters and experiences "gained" during the trip. It is an adventure to live breathing deeply.

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