Pellet barbecue

Pellet barbecue

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Pellet barbecue: they are comfortable to use, very practical and affordable. Thepelletsfor thebarbecuerepresents a valid alternative to charcoal.

Thepelletsit is the fuel obtained from the dried and pressed woody biomass to form small cylinders. Since it is dried woody biomass (low moisture content), the pellet has a high energy density, equal to twice that of wood in logs. Pellets have the advantage of producing very little ash (combustion waste) and a rather low purchase cost. These qualities make it a good alternative to the classic charcoal used for outdoor grilling.

Thepelletsused for cooking food is not the same as used for heating buildings. Thepellets for barbecueit is selected for its aromatic properties so as to be ideal for grilling meat, fish and game.

As explained in the article on firewood, pellets are also selected for cooking food. Among the most prestigious producers of pellets for barbecuewe point out the famous brand ofWhiskey Jack Daniel's. The prestige is paid so much that a 450 gram bag of Jack Daniel's pellets can be bought on Amazon at a price of about 15 euros.

The peculiarity of different types ofpellets for barbecuelies in the fact that during combustion they release fumes for a particular smoking process. There are sopellets for barbecueall 'Origan, to therosemary, toI saved, to thejuniperand tolaurel. Again you can take advantage of the largest platform ofecommerceAmazon: 5 assorted bags of 4 kg each. they can be bought with about 70 euros (free shipping). In general, for the choice of pellets for cooking food, processing with oak and alder essence is indicated.

On the market it is easy to find different models ofpellet barbecue, some are equipped with automatic ignition systems and the more advanced ones have a selector through which to choose the type of cooking most suitable for the type of food. Thanks to the selector it is easier to manage cooking times and in a few minutes, thepellet barbecuereaches the desired temperature (yes, there are models that integrate thermometers).

THEpellet barbecuethe best offer a ventilated and uniform cooking on the whole grill. With thepellets, since it is indirect cooking, you have the possibility of preserving food from flames: how many of you haven't? When cooking the meat, the fat comes into contact with a flame and acts as a fuel, causing the flame to spread to the food being cooked. In this way, the surface of the food tends to carbonize, giving life to a substancecarcinogenicknown as benzopyrene. Thanks topellet barbecuethis phenomenon should be contained.

The best models of pellet barbecuethey have porcelain grids, easier to clean and more hygienic, however most of them are equipped with steel grids, more durable. If you have any doubts about how to manage a grill full of fat deposits, we invite you to follow the advice seen in the articlehow to clean steel.

Always referring to the top of the range models, somepellet barbecuehave a tray designed to collect cooking liquids and dissolved fats, so as to convey them outside thebarbecue, in a special collection bucket.

On apellet barbecueyou can cook anything from baked pasta to bruschetta, from pizzas to steaks. Otherwise it works like a classicbarbecuethen you can grill all types of meats (turkey, fish, veal, pork, skewers), vegetables (au gratin or stuffed) or ears!

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