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Types of tea: how many types of tea exist and what are the differences. All information on tea varieties.

All thetypes of teaderive from the same plant, theCamellia Sinensis. The differences between the varioustypes of teathey are dictated by the processing, growing conditions and cultivation.

ThereCamellia Sinensisit is a plant native to Asia but naturalized in different parts of the globe, in tropical and subtropical areas. With over 3,000 varieties, theyouit is the most consumed drink in the world, even more than coffee. In terms of consumption, theyouit is surpassed only by water. Although there are more than 3,000 varieties, the you' can be divided into five basic categories.

Types of Tea: Black Tea

Thetender it is produced from the leaves of the plantCamellia Sinensiswhich, after drying, undergo an oxidation process improperly called "fermentation phase". During oxidation, the water evaporates completely from the leaves which tends to absorb oxygen from the air. Thetender, generally, it undergoes complete oxidation: this is why the color is very dark.

Black tea is characterized by a more robust and intense flavor. When properly produced, thetenderit retains a higher amount of caffeine than the otherstypes of tea. Depending on the drying and fermentation technique, thetendercomes to contain up to 65% more caffeine. For every information:black tea, properties and blends.

A type oftenderconsidered almostmystical, and thePuer. Until 1995, exports of this particular black tea were prohibited. It is a medicinal tea that has been popular in China since ancient times. The secrets of its production are jealously guarded within the Chinese state borders. It has a deep and rich, almost bitter flavor.

Types of Tea: Te ’Oolong

Also known as tea Wulong,it is a tea with a flavor and characteristics intermediate between black tea and green tea. It does not have a robust and decisive flavor like that oftenderbut not as delicate and gentle as green tea.

Types of Tea: Green Tea

Green tea is donedryonly partially after harvest. The drying and oxidation process is stopped quickly. Green tea seems to be the type of tea that retains the most benefits, the reason being due to the lower amount of caffeine. Green tea is the type of tea that contains the lowest percentage of caffeine, only 10 - 30% compared to other types of tea. It has a more delicate flavor and connoisseurs go hunting for the nuances given by different varieties of green tea. For more information, I refer you to the article on the properties of green tea.

For connoisseurs who go hunting for the nuances of the flavor of the green, we recommend the following varieties of green tea:

  • Gyokuro
    Among the most popular types of green tea Japanese. It is dried on special bamboo baskets.
  • Matcha
    It is the most valuable type of green tea, so much so that it is the one traditionally used fortea ceremonyJapanese. It is powdered tea that is beaten in hot water with a special bamboo tool. For all information on where to find Matcha tea and the kit for the tea ceremony, as well as on the properties of this variety of tea, I refer you to the article "Matcha or maccha tea“.
  • Sencha
    The wordSen-chaliterally means "grilled tea". It is prepared from particularly thin leaves.
  • Bancha
    It is characterized by its low caffeine content.
  • Hojicha
    It is a variety of Bancha tea, but its twigs are dried for three years and marketed under the name of Kukicha. It is almost completely free of caffeine. Unlike other types of green tea, the Hojicha (or Kukicha) infusion is prepared with the twigs of the plantCamellia sinensisand not from the leaves.

Types of Tea: White Tea

It is considered the most delicate of alltypes of tea. Thewhite teait is appreciated for its natural sweetness. It is produced from the youngest shoots and, by tradition, should only be harvested and processed by hand. The collected shoots are processed very little.

Types of Tea: Scented and Flavored Tea

Flavored tea is prepared by mixing other infusion flowers or leaves with black tea, green tea, oolong or white tea. Tea can be enriched with spices or even artificial flavors. Among the most common blends is the one with bergamot, better known asEarl Gray.

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