Inhabiting - a permaculture perspective

Inhabiting - a permaculture perspective

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We created INHABIT in 2015 to help imagine what a more resilient world could look like. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing a global shutdown of our fragile economy and is a critical time to reflect on the damaged systems that run our world.

The goal of this film is to inspire and empower people and we hope that offering the film for free will have a greater effect.

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Humanity is more than ever threatened by its own actions. We hear a lot about the need to minimize footprints and reduce our impact.

But what if our footprints were beneficial? What if we could meet human needs while increasing the health and well-being of our planet?

This is the premise behind permaculture: a design process based on the reproduction of patterns found in nature. Inhabit explores the many environmental problems we face today and examines the solutions that are being applied using the eco-design lens of permaculture.

The film, which focuses primarily on the Northeast and Midwest regions of the US, offers an intimate look at the peoples and practices of permaculture, ranging from rural to suburban and even urban landscapes. (FILMAFFINITY)

Video: INHABIT: A Permaculture Perspective - KICKSTARTER TRAILER (May 2022).


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