Practice detachment at home: recycle, repair, give away ...

Practice detachment at home: recycle, repair, give away ...

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As we clean our physical home, we also bring order to our minds and hearts. As you ORDER, watch what changes in you.

The so-called toxins in the house

Household toxins are those that are generated by stagnant, old, broken or disused objects, here are some examples for you to review:

1. Objects that you no longer use.
2. Clothes that you don't like or haven't worn for a long time. Torn underwear.
3. Broken things.
4. Old letters and notes.
5. Dead or diseased plants.
6. Old receipts and magazines.
7. Damaged shoes.
8. Gadgets of all kinds that call to the past.
9. If you have children, toys that are not used, that do not work or broken.

What happens when we detach ourselves from these objects?

The benefits of getting rid of unnecessary things or that we no longer use, generates a new space to occupy with renewed energy that will bring some benefits such as:

1. Health improves.
2. Creativity grows.
3. Relationships improve.
4. There is greater capacity for reasoning.
5. Improve mood.

Where to start?

Some questions that can help us start with this cleaning and detach ourselves from things that are stagnant in the house can be:

- Why am I saving that?
- Could it be that it has to do with me today?
- What will I feel when releasing that?

Then separate and classify:

1. To donate.
2. To trade / sell.
3. To recycle / repair
4. To pull.

Cleanliness inside the house, manifests itself outside

1. Avoid extreme noise.
2. Less strong lights.
3. Less saturated colors.
4. Less chemical odors.
5. Fewer sad memories.
6. Finish unfinished projects.
7. Cultivate positive energy in your home.

Do a general cleaning and use boxes for organization. Start with drawers and cabinets and finish each piece, do everything at your own pace ...

Good energy!

a) Garbage.
b) Arrangements.
c) Recycling.
d) In doubt.
e) Gifts.
f) Donation.
g) Trade / Sell.

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